Chef Diamond and Friends

Ultimate Chef Toolkit

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This Ultimate Chef Toolkit Set encourages imagination, dexterity, and creative play. It helps familiarize children with different vegetables and how to help in the kitchen.

Your children can take the role of chef and learn how to use the kitchen utensil, develop children's cooking habit and develop imaginative play skills and running for endless play cooking fun.

Children not only can make a meal based on his or her imagination but also can accomplish their works with their parents or buddies. It is the best gift for your kids' birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and new year holidays!

Chef Diamond and Friends Ultimate Chef Toolkit includes:

• 5 Chef Diamond Books
• 1 Chef Apron,
• 1 Cutting Board
• 1 Kid Safe Chef Knife
• 1 Chef Hat
• 1 Rolling Pin
• 1 Spatula
• 1 Measuring Cups
• 1 Measuring Spoons
• 1 Spatula
• 1 Basting Brush
• 1 Tong

This kit is popular with kids but also popular with all of our Elders as well.