FUNdamental Education

Welcome to our "Meet The Chef" cooking club where we provide fun, educational cooking workshops. Our entire curriculum is centered around teaching kids healthier ways to prepare foods that are nutritional in value and all of our demos are taught by professional Chefs.

Our most popular cooking club is a 8 week program offered to schools, churches and other organizations. During the 8 weeks each child will be provided with an apron, chef hat, cutting board, kid safe knife, activity sheets and crayons. In addition, every participant will walk–away with our Magic Hand Soap and one copy of our Chef Diamond and The Magic Hat Storybook.

​Here is our 8 week curriculum at a high-level:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to Club, Sanitation & Knife Handling

  • Week 2 – Introduction to Fruits

  • Week 3 – Introduction to Vegetables & Salads

  • Week 4 – Introduction to Healthy Breakfast

  • Week 5 – Introduction to Healthy Lunch

  • Week 6 – Introduction to Healthy Dinner

  • Week 7 – Brief Skills Refresher and Quiz

  • Week 8 – Fun Cooking Competition (Parents Invited to Judge)

In closing we now offer cooking classes where parents can partner with their child to learn how to cook! Yes that's right, they finally get to cook together. 

R.V.S.P today and save your spot!

Be prepared to have lots of fun! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Until then ... Take care and Stay Healthy!